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Ian Janis Present company Capitol E-ST 683
Ian Janis Night Rains CBS 83802
Ides of March Vehicle Warner WS 1863
Ides of March Common band Warner WB 46104
If If Island 6 339 012
If Double diamond Metromedia BML1-0174
If Tea-break over- back on your 'eads Charly CR 300010
Illsley john Never told a soul Vertigo 822 239
Illusion Out of the mist Island ILPS 9489
Illusion Illusion Island ILPS 9519
Incredible string band the 5000 spirits Elektra EKS-74010
Incredible string band Be glad for the song has no ending Island ILPS9140
IQ Are you sitting comfortably? Squawk 836 429-1
Iron butterfly Métamorphosis ATCO 503.054
Isley,Jasper,Isley Different drummer EPic EPC 450143
Isotope Isotope Gull GULP 1002
Isotope Illusion Gull 6.22113 AS
Isotope Deep end Gull 163.302
It's a beautiful day …. Today CBS S 65483
It's a beautiful day Marrying maiden CBS 64 065