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Nash Graham Songs for beginners Atlantic 40237  
National Health National health Affinity AFF 6  
National Health Of queues and cures Charly CRL 5010  
National Health D.S. al coda Europa JP 2008  
Natural Gas Natural gas Private Stock 1C062-97 884  
Nauseef Mark Personal note CMP 16  
Nektar Journey to the centre of the eye Bellaphon BLPS 19064  
Nelson Willie To Lefty from Willie Columbia 34695  
New London Chorale Young matthew Passion RCA PL 70321  
New York Rock & Roll Ensemble Faithful friends ATCO SD 33-294  
New York Rock & Roll Ensemble Roll over CBS 64126  
Newman David Mr. Fathead Warner WB 56 201  
Newman Randy 12 songs Reprise 6373  
Newman Randy Little Criminlas Warner WB 56 404  
Newman Randy Trouble in Paradise Warner 92.3755-1  
Newman Tom Faerie symphony Decca TXS 123  
Nice Ars long vita brevis Columbia P 11634  
Nicoll Watt Hauf time Canon VAR 4971  
Nicoll Watt Nice to be nice Transatlantic XTRA 1122  
Nicoll Watt Wattcha! Transatlantic XTRA 1108  
Nicholson Lea, Ellison Stan God bless the unemployed Transatlantic TRA 254  
Nicholson Roger Nonesuch for dulcimer Trailer ler 3034  
Nicolet Aurčle ° New Israel Quartet Beethoven:serenade in D RCA LSB 4050  
Nilsson Harry Son of Schmilsson RCA LSP 4717  
Nite City Nite city 20th century 6 370 258  
Nix Don Living by the days Elektra ELK 42 096  
Nock Mike Ondas ECM 1220  
Nova Wings of love Arista SPARTY 1021  
Nyro Laura New York tendaberry CBS 63510  
Nyro Laura Christmas and thebeads of sweat CBS S 64157  
Nyro Laura Gonna take a miracle CBS S 64770